Hola Coat Season








GAP coat (similar here), MANGO shirt, H&M skirt and necklace, DUNE shoes.

There’s a great feeling you get when wearing a coat with bare legs; it’s like a big coat and sunglasses combo, you just feel good. Unfortunately, this may be the only bare-leg-coat outing I’ll be braving this season as the weather will probably be dropping to -12842°C; this country doesn’t seem to recognise transitional-autumnal weather and just plummets straight into the icy depths of winter. A slight exaggeration perhaps, but the constants rainy, grey, dreary weather is pretty grim.

This camel coat from Gap has returned for another year, being an utter life-saver last winter. It was picked up on a whim in the Gap sale just before Christmas, and was not taken of ever since being excitingly flung out of the box. Unfortunately, living in this coat has taken it’s toll and I’m not sure this jacket will make it through winter ’14/15 too. The buttons just can’t bring themselves to stay attached, even with multiple attempts at re-sewing, and re-sewing, and re-sewing. I don’t know if it’s that my sewing skills aren’t quite up to scratch, but being an A Level textiles student I’d like to think that wasn’t the case. The classic shape and amazing colour of this camel coat will be hard to replace and with that, the boring, yearly winter coat hunt begins. Boring because I can never find the ‘right’ and reasonably priced one, not because of the coats – I love coats.

The boyfriend shirt was another sale purchase, a bargain picked up in Mango. I love the over-sized and thick, soft quality of the cotton, and this style is great for layering in the winter, as well as being teamed with a pair of comfy tailored shorts in the summer, and accessorizing with a good ol’ statement necklace for a feminine touch. This h&m necklace does the trick, but a triplet of dainty necklaces is equally as flattering – basically, I just adore gold necklaces.

Keeping on the topic of wearing items to death, I couldn’t not mention my favourite pair of shoes from Dune. Pointy, monochrome, beautiful – I needn’t say any more – I will be wearing them until the day my pinkies poke through the edge.

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